Trusted Auto Repair in Rogers, AR

Trusted Auto Repair in Rogers, AR

Greetings! We’re Brian and Susan Scaggs, owners of Kwik Kar Service Center in Rogers, AR. We opened our auto repair shop in 2003 based on a desire we both had to own a business. With Brian’s background in automotive repair and Susan’s background in business accounting, we moved from Indiana to northwest Arkansas to build our shop. We scouted the area and were drawn the mild climate and beautiful, natural surroundings. The Rogers community was economically inviting and perfect for raising a family.

Excellent Service at an Excellent Value

Since 2003, Brian and Susan have enjoyed helping customers maintain their vehicles, providing honest service and making long term relationships. In the years we have owned and operated Kwik Kar, we have become experienced in taking care of customers’ needs, and strive to always provide excellent value for our service.

Our family has also grown up in northwest Arkansas. We have four grown children, who have all worked in our business at some time. Two have been through Northwest Arkansas Community College, one graduated from University of Arkansas, and our youngest now attends U of A as well. We truly love the area, and the many wonderful friends we have made here.

Meet Our Kwik Kar Team

Brian Scaggs, Owner

Brian has been working on cars since he was 16. His father owned a service station for a period of time, and Brian worked closely with him. It quickly became apparent that he has a natural aptitude for all things mechanical. His experience began with small engines, working on go-carts, minibikes, and other recreational vehicles. He became the go-to guy for many local farmers needing equipment repairs.

With his big heart, Brian is extremely friendly and caring. He has a strong sense of family that extends to his friends, employees, and customers. It is very important to him that our customers are treated with care and respect and leave satisfied with their experience at our shop

Susan Scaggs, Owner

Susan put herself through college years ago as a single parent, graduating from Purdue University with an associate degree in graphic design, a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and a minor in business. During those years, she had to do her own vehicle maintenance and find a mechanic she could trust.

Those experiences gave her a strong ethical background of honesty and integrity in her work, and an equally strong desire to run a trustworthy business. At Kwik Kar, Susan has been instrumental in bookkeeping, business strategy, and financial planning, and marketing.

Jim Towner, Maintenance Service Manager

Jim has worked with Kwik Kar for many years. He is our AOCA certified quick lube manager who oversees our lube technicians and keeps our fast lube customer comfortable and satisfied. For maintenance service, he makes sure our work is top quality and completed in a timely manner. Jim is also very outgoing, and enjoys giving customers a better understanding of their vehicles’ needs. Jim and his wife, Sandy, are from Stillwater, Oklahoma. Even though he is an OSU fan, we still love him.

Robert Moore, Shop Service Manager

Robert has been working on cars “since the wheels fell off my hot wheels cars!” Born and raised in northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri, he enjoys customer service and automotive maintenance. Outgoing and friendly, Robert is a service manager who can capably guide customers through their auto maintenance and repair needs.

Steve Stevens, Repair Service Manager

Steve graduated from Rogers High School, joined the Army, and then came back home to raise his family. He has two sons and two daughters. With more than 23 years of automotive experience and six years at our shop, he contributes to the family environment here at Kwik Kar.

Steve enjoys working with customers to make sure their cars are in the best mechanical condition possible before they leave our shop. On a daily basis, he orders parts, writes up work orders, answers calls and questions, and manages our technicians.

Winnie Garcia, Mechanical Technician

Winnie is a skilled and enthusiastic technician who comes to work ready to go each day. He takes pride in his work, is intelligent, and always wants to learn more so he can be the best at what he does. He has eight years of experience in automotive repair.

Josh Crawford, Service Technician

Josh is one of our lube technicians with several years of experience and a great attitude. He has a wife and two boys, and enjoys caving and camping as well as painting, sculpting, and drawing. He is frequently found under the cars, draining old fluids and checking on the condition of parts.

Tony, Service Technician

Originally from St. Joseph, Michigan, Tony has worked on vehicles since he was 12 years old, including brakes, suspensions, water pumps, and more. He loves keeping current on advancements in automotive technology, as well as keeping our customers up-to-date on their vehicles’ needs. In his spare time, Tony enjoys mechanics, hunting, fishing, and drag racing, and has built a carborated motor from the ground up.

Justin “May” Mabie

May is our office manager. He graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in psychology and a minor in Japanese. He has over 10 years of experience in vehicle maintenance and a keen mind for keeping the details of the office in order so that business runs smoothly. May loves Japanese culture and music, and also Nintendo games.